• Engraving is billed by project based on image size, complexity, design costs, and materials cost.  Contact us for more information.
    • Glass etching prices depend on the image size and glass style.  Contact us for pricing on etching glasses you already own.
    • Beer Glass Nucleation Marks: Nucleation marks help release the carbon dioxide in beer, resulting in a long-lasting, aromatic head, which any beer geek worth their salt will tell you is a very desirable thing. We can etch nucleation marks in certain glasses like tulips and snifters for $3, contact us to find out more.
    • Metal marking prices depend on the type of marking desired. Metals with galvanized coatings and soft metals can be marked bare, but stronger metals may require Cermark fusion ink to create a black mark on the metal. We will discuss all options before invoicing. Not all metals can be marked by our CO2 laser, please contact us for more information.
    • Design charges: Design time is billed at $60/hour, in 15 minute increments. The first 15 minutes are free with all purchases, and covers basic design – prepping an image, creating vector masks, sizing, alignment, and color correction. If you would like a complex photo converted for etching or engraving, the charges are generally $15-30, depending on the quality of the photo. We will discuss all charges when we give you a quote, we don’t believe in hidden costs or extra charges.
    • Shipping: We ship all etching and engraving orders via FedEx Ground. Other carriers are available at your discretion, but may be more expensive than our FedEx rates. A full shipping quote will be given before invoicing.